Do you have an idea how you appear when someone “Googles” you? Or do you know what customers are saying about you in conversations taking place on Facebook Pages or Twitter?

Search engines and social media networks index and share what is being said about you and/or your brand from comments in blogs to tweets. What appears in the search engines or on Wikipedia can often define you and your organization. Regardless if it is correct or not.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what people are talking about right now about you?

As a business owner, of course you would want real-time insight into what people are saying about you, your organization, and/or products. It is smart customer service.

Having the up-to-date intelligence would allow you to see if problems are developing as well as opportunities. With online reputation management, you can get essential insights real-time about what people are saying about you or your brand allowing you to be more proactive in managing reputation threats and potential reputation meltdowns which could lead into organizational crisis. Reputation monitoring will help you understand your customers’ experiences ensuring that customer satisfaction met and exceeded. It is smart online customer service.

Using twenty years of crisis communications knowledge combined with the best social intelligence platforms, we can assess the risk to your company’s reputation. Then work with you to mitigate negative public reactions protecting your customer relationships.

Mind The Gap’s Ann Marie van den Hurk, wrote the book on how to prevent and manage a social media #FAIL for businesses.

It takes two hours to confirm a true rumor but over 14 hours to debunk false ones according to various studies on social media platforms. 

Let us help you protect your reputation with comprehensive media monitoring and social media listening programs with expert sentiment analysis.

Online Review Site Management

Our services for managing online reviews sites include:
• Customized online review response plan.

• Monitoring forty different review sites including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Open Table, and Facebook.

• Listening online allowing you respond promptly to your customers online.

• Analyzing online reviews to provide you with key insights for customer service.

Contact us now to:

•  Get an online reputation audit conducted.

•  Get help with developing a reputation management plan.

•  Get help managing a reputation crisis.

Providing online reputation management services to protect your online reputation with comprehensive media monitoring and social media listening programs.

1:1 Small Business Strategy

Do you have questions about small business cybersecurity, public relations, crisis communications, and online reputation management? And you want to talk to a 20 year professional about your business instead of going to Google for answers? Then walk away with solutions and actionable items?

A  90-minute Small Business Business Strategy Session with Ann Marie van den Hurk is what you need to start to close the gaps in your business.

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