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It isn't if a hack will happen, but when it will.

Be Ready to Fight a Cyber Attack

Every organization, at some point, will experience a cyber attack. It is a part of doing business. 

In today's world, business needs to be prepared in case of an active shooter, layoffs, defective product, or natural disaster. Add cybercrime to your risk matrix. 

Cybercrime is the fastest type of crime against a business. 


small businesses reported being the victim of a cyberattack.


businesses do not have plans outlining systems for a cybercrime

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Being Prepared for the Unforeseen Gives Your Business The Advantage

The evolving threat landscape means leaders today must worry about far more than theft and fraud. They must now consider cyber attacks in the form of terrorism, insider threats, and activism. We understand what keeps executives up at night and work them to prepare for the unseen discreetly. Mind The Gap is a cyber crisis management consulting firm specializing in proactive crisis communications planning, training, and management. We are your trusted advisor providing solutions to your crisis management.

Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR, MSM, brings twenty-five years of experience providing executives and boards to find solutions and opportunities while mitigate risks. She blends her professional expertise in IT, operations, reputation management, and crisis communications to give sound counsel to executives.