What happens when a PR Pro and The IT Guy walk into the Dark Web? 


As a public relations professional, are you ready to lead the communications response to a successful breach of your organization’s systems benefiting your organization and its consumers? 

This seminar will increase your awareness and knowledge of cybersecurity while arming you with the right questions to ask your IT team, increasing your value to the leadership team and board. 



We will cover:


  • The language of cybersecurity and what it means to you as a professional.
  • Anatomy of a cyberattack and how it figures into the risk matrix.
  • The questions you should be prepared to ask your IT team to build a solid communications response.
  • How to explain to IT what you need and how you can help them
  • A recent case study to discuss..

Bringing Value to Your Members.


A successful cyber attack impacts the whole organization, not just IT. It is an organizational issue. It isn’t if a successful cyber attack will happen, but it is now when it will happen. And is our profession able to take an active role in cybersecurity? Not yet, but we can be.   

Schedule this 60 minute seminar with Ann Marie for your PRSA, IABC, or AMA chapter either in-person or online.

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