Critical Questions Need Answering


Understanding your organization’s cyber risk is critical for today’s management teams. Cybersecurity has moved from the server room into the board room. Leadership teams are being evaluated on how they handle the security of customer data. And CEOs are getting fired over data breaches.


Can you answer the following four cyber risk management critical questions easily?


Do you have a cyber risk management policy?

If you do not, then your organization is at great risk as cyber criminals are constantly reassessing and determining new ways to violate you organization’s security.

Do you know how much are are at-risk?

The cyber thieves do and they are taking advantage of it.

Does the C-Suite know the importance of cyber risk?

Possibly not; however the critical issue is to have appropriate resources applied whether it is internally or externally. With Mind The Gap as your resource, you can be assured that you are covered.

Have you investigated “industry standards” that can be applied to your cyber risk management?

Cyber risk management is an on-going practice. As technology advances so does the invasion, corruption and cyber risk advance… undetected. This is detrimental to your customers.


We can help you answer the cyber risk management critical questions.

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