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Cyber Risk Services

Our cyber risk services bring cyber threats into focus, allowing for proactive action. And we can communicate those threats effectively. We can speak Geek and CEO, bridging the gap that often prevents companies from moving forward in securing against cyberattacks.

As our businesses become more interconnected through technology, cybersecurity has become a top concern for enterprises. Since we have become more dependent on data, the more safety and security of the data becomes essential. Before you can secure your data, understanding the risks and options available to your organization.





Three-Part Process

A good cyber risk management program should establish clear communications and situational awareness about the cyber risks facing your organization and industry. While it will not make your organization attack proof, it will afford you the time to manage the situation at hand instead of figuring out the response systems.

We deploy a three-part process.

Starting with the discovery process, we take a deep dive to:

  • Evaluate relevant threats to your organization
  • Assess internal and external vulnerabilities
  • Estimate the impact of the exploitation of those vulnerabilities
  • Determine the likelihood of exploitation
  • Develop a blueprint for action

Based on the outcome of the evaluation, working with you and your team, we develop a nimble response plan addressing the outcomes and giving you a roadmap forward to manage a breach.



We do this by:

  • Reviewing existing documents such as account credentials, policies, third-party services/vendors, network configuration, remote access
  • Analyzing and review the inventory of the physical infrastructure
  • Reviewing IoT devices in use
  • Reviewing the physical security
  • Evaluate data recovery systems
  • Evaluate domain, website, email access
  • Review identify theft/credit monitoring



After the discovery process, you will have a complete picture of your cyber risk. We move then to the response part where we will develop a cyber incident response plan since it isn’t if you will be attacked, it is when so it is ideal to have the cyber incident response plan ready.

The cyber incident response plan outlines:

  • Relevant threats to your organizations
  • Appropriate legal and compliance action
  • Defines the cyber incidents
  • Incident response procedure
  • Response to an incident
  • Definition of incident categories
  • Rate system criticality



An organization can have the best technology solutions to protect data and systems from a cybercrime; however, humans are the weakest link in the chain.

Staff understanding of cyber risk and cybersecurity is essential. That is done through on-going learning opportunities, which will not only benefit the company but the employees in their personal lives.

Training is customized based on the size and needs of the company.



Cyber Incident Response Team

Cyber incidents happen. And when they do, we can help you with our Cyber Incident Response Team.

We work with you to respond, resolve, and learn from the situation.

Our team will get you back, working quickly by using industry standards regarding identification, containment, eradication, recovery, and lessons learned.

How can I help?

My mission is to make it harder for cybercriminals to get access to your data. I want to empower through knowledge.

Do you have questions about cyber safety, cyber risk, and cybersecurity as to what it all means to how to keep your personal information safe?

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