Perfect Time for a Cybersecurity Spring Cleaning

It is a good as any time to perform a cybersecurity spring cleaning. As the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders continue, you are decluttering your home office, the kitchen, the bedroom closet, and the basement add decluttering your digital space. The goal should be to make you more secure. And you can with these three actions to make your business more cyber secure. 

The cybercriminals aren’t taking a break, but are increasing their attacks from new ransomware to sextortion scams. Time for you to do the same to protect your business and customers.

Passwords. Privilege. Protection.

There are three actions you can do to make your business more cyber secure right now:

  • Passwords. Have you asked employees to change their passwords recently? Passwords should be changed regularly, and they need to be not the employee’s dog’s name or birthday. 
  • Privilege. When it comes to robust cybersecurity, the principle of least privilege applies—review who has access to what in your systems. Not every employee needs access to CRM systems. 
  • Protection. You should have virus protection running on all of your devices and systems. It needs to be updated, so it is an excellent time to run a deep scan. 

These are the very basics in a start to make your business more cyber secure.

Cyber Secure

The above actions are a good start in securing your data from hackers, but you need to dive deeper to mitigate your cyber risk. The place to start is auditing your cybersecurity protocols by asking the following questions:

  • What are my company’s cybersecurity policies?
  • What are the practices in reality? 
  • What’s the plan in the event of a cyberattack?

Use this time to refresh your cybersecurity practices. A few minutes can make your business more cyber secure. 


Don’t know where to start?

With cybersecurity, today is always a good time to review your small business cyber security. Join the Small Business Cyber Safe Jump-Start right now and walk away with a five-point action plan.

Or schedule time to talk about your cyber risk and cybersecurity concerns and questions. 

(Updated 20 December 2021)

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