Learn the options to receive your own cyber security risk assessment.

There is so much noise around small business cybersecurity. Let’s cut through the noise and close the gaps in your small business’s cyber security with a tailored cyber security risk assessment. That’s where our Cyber Safe Jump-Start can help you.

Cybercrime is the fastest type of crime against a business regardless if you are a solopreneur or a small business. It isn’t if you will be a victim of a cybercrime, but when it will happen.

I’m a small business owner like you. I was victim of a cyber attack so I know first hand the damage a hack can do to a small business. My mission is making it harder for cybercriminals to attack small businesses and I do that my using my experience in IT, Operations, Public Relations and Crisis Management. On the education side, I have a masters in Justice and Homeland Security with a Concentration in Cybersecurity and Intelligence, graduate certificates in cybersecurity and healthcare cybersecurity.

Let’s work together to make it harder for the cyber criminals while making you more resilient after an attack. Together, we will conduct a thorough cyber security risk assessment and create a checklist addressing your most urgent small business cyber security needs to keep your business safe.

Cyber Safe Jump-Start

Sign up now for one of two Cyber Safe Jump-Starts based on the size of your small business and be empowered with an action checklist to secure your businesses!


 Through self-assessment and conversation,
we will create a simple five-point checklist addressing your most pressing issues discovered through this cyber security assessment geared toward a company of one.


Small Business

As a small business with employees, locations,
and lots of moving parts, we will create
a five-point
action guide addressing your most urgent cyber security needs.


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