Journalists: Do Not Change Because of the Virginia Shooting.

What happened this week was an awful event. My thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. They didn’t need to die while doing what they loved and performing a service to the community they called home.
As news organizations look inwards to process the week’s horrible event, some TV news stations are pulling their crews for live stand-ups saving the live shots for breaking news. I understand that desire to be protective. I would most likely do the same if I were the news directors. That said…
Do not change how you collect news because of the Virginia Shooting. Please do not. We need you to continue to do your profession. The need for flow of information is as important as ever. Do not change how you gather news. In doing so you are letting the shooter win.
I will continue to stand next you and in front of the camera as a public relations professional at those live broadcasts. And always will.

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