millennials and media
Let’s talk about millennials and the media they consume. There is much to do about millennials and it is a hot topic among marketers as how to reach and interact with millennials. There is a lot of hype around millennials. Yes they have differences from the other generations, but they share a lot in common with the other generations as well.
The media landscape has evolved. Millennials and some others from Baby Boomers and GenX generations are driving this transformation of how we consume media. The move from print to digital is moving rapidly. The articles are saying we spent more time consuming digital media over any other form of media. Digital media is very portable and convenient. I’m GenX and prefer my content digital. Another interesting thought is how digital media is playing in politics with the upcoming US presidential elections.
Some articles on millennials and the media you might find enjoyable:
Millennials and Political News: Social Media – the Local TV for the Next Generation?
We now spend more than eight hours a day consuming media

Time spent reading newspapers worldwide falls over 25% in four years

When Millennials Take Over, is Your Business Ready?

What do you think about millennials and the media they consume? Is it so different from other generations? Or are we wrong to generalize so much?


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