I always believe in evolving the Ann-Sense Blog. It is time for a change here at Mind The Gap Public Relations around Ann-Sense. The blog is going on eight years old so it is time to “grow-up.”
There will be changes to how you receive updates:
Important message to my subscribers via the email option. I will be moving platforms. If you subscribe to this blog via email, I will be importing your details into the new database. No worries you will not miss any updates as usual.
Now if you are a RSS subscriber, there should be no worries either. You do not have to do a thing. Though I would highly recommend switching over to email subscription today. You can do that right here and now: 

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While Monty Python may sing about SPAM and it maybe a tasty treat, SPAM in your in-box isn’t very nice. I guard my email address and I’ll do the same with yours if you chose to subscribe via email and I hope you do. No SPAM from me.
Moving Forward
Please let me know in the comments section if you would like me to move towards a weekly or monthly email newsletter where my post would be featured as well curated content I like and I think would be helpful to you. I value you as reader and want to provide you more content in a format more convenient for you.
Thank you for joining me on our journey for knowledge!

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