Support Small Businesses 2015
The Small Business Administration Small Business Week is coming to end. I support small businesses. And you should, too. They are the backbone of most communities. They sponsor the little league sports teams and hold the local animal rescue groups fundraisers. They employ community members. They often have been in the community for many years.
A small business can be any business. It can be a restaurant. It can be a baker of custom cakes. It can be a bookkeeper. It can be a hardware store. And it can a public relations firm like Mind The Gap Public Relations is.
While big box retailers may often win on price (or there is a perception they win on price and that’s up to debate), small businesses win on service. I live in a small rural community in eastern North Carolina where Main Streets are still hanging on and most small businesses are family-owned/run. I make every attempt to support local businesses. I do so mainly for the outstanding service I get. And as a small business myself I want them to do well.
Some stories to share…
We purchased an old house in December. As first-time homebuyers, we needed guidance in making the right choices for our old house. The old house needed a new HVAC system. We chose a local HVAC contractor, Overstreet Heating & Air. They guided us through the process thanks to their vast experience with working with old homes. I knew they were there for us when we had questions. They took pride in their work. The old house needed a roof. I called a local building contractor, Long’s Home Repair, who made sure our roof was done correctly, quickly, and on budget. They also took great pride in their work. It was a pleasure working with both of them.
I’m finding out as a homeowner, we spend a lot of time at hardware stores. Kinda like when you are a new parent, you live at Babies R Us for the first six months. While Lowes has a vast selection and good prices, the family-run Ace Hardware Store (Marrow-Pitt Hardware Company established in 1915) is amazing. If they don’t have it, they can order it. If you have a question, they can answer it. And if not then they will know who you should call in town to get your problem fixed. I owe Bernice Pitt a world of thanks for guiding me through landscaping my disaster of a front yard. I have yet to load my car with plants, soil, or mulch since their team won’t let me break a sweat. They don’t blink in eye delivering to your house if you live in town.
I could tell you so many small businesses stories… Roberson and Dupree Shoe Store where you never walk out with the wrong pair of shoes. The independent pharmacy, Bryan Drugs that delivers your meds to your front door. On The Square, Addie’s Main Street Cafe, and Everlean’s Cafe where you always get good meals served with smiles. I have more stories to share, but I hope you are getting the picture.
Service matters. When you walk in, they know you and mostly of the time by name. They treat you like a person not just a number. They take pride in their services and products. They care. They are invested in the community. Not because they have to, but because they want to. It is just as much their community as yours.
Supporting small businesses makes for a vibrant community. And a strong community. Let’s make every week support small business week.

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