Google Mobiegeddon
Google’s Mobilegeddon. Google this week dropped a bombshell regarding making mobile-friendly websites rank higher in search on mobile devices. This algorithm adjustment took affect on April 21st, but has been in the works for months. This change is sending many into a panic.
Take a deep breath. Exhale.
There has been a lot of hype regarding Google’s Mobilegeddon. This change will affect large and small organizations equally. You have some time to make adjustments to your website to make it mobile-friendly for smart phones.
So what are the facts as we know it right now.
Here are some fast facts taken from CNN Money (not going to try to recreate the wheel here and they’ve done a great job):
1. Only smartphones are impacted. Searches on desktops will not be affected by this change.
2. Websites can be adjusted on the fly. All websites did not have to be mobile-friendly on April 21st.
3. Some mobile-unfriendly sites could still get favorable search placement.
Getting your website Mobile-Friendly.
The first step is to find out if your website will pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. Google has created an easy test you can do. You copy and paste your website’s URL here and it will tell you if your website is indeed mobile-friendly. If it is not then it gives you helpful guidance to make it that way.
Now if your website is mobile-friendly, then congrats! You can carry-on with your day.
If your website failed the Google mobile-friendly test, then you need to decide how important mobile is to your business. This is when understanding your Google Analytics is key. Log into your Google Analytics and go under the Audience section to Mobile. There you will find how many session are conducted on mobile devices. Look at the trend over 3, 6, and 12 months. If you have more than 15% of the session on mobile devices or a trend developing where users are coming to your website on mobile devices, then it is time to update your website to be mobile-friendly.
With many of the design platforms such as WordPress, you can choose a new responsive design template or for a quick fix install a plugin like Jet Pack or WPTouch. If you aren’t using WordPress, then you need to think about developing a separate mobile site.
Remember if your customers are on mobile, isn’t that where you should be too making it easier for your customers to connect with you?
We can guide you through the mobile process. Contact us now.
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