In my recent newspaper column, How to Use Live Streaming Video Apps Like Meerkat, I talked about the current trend of live-streaming apps such as Meerkat and Periscope. Those live-streaming video apps are still evolving and adding more features. That doesn’t mean you can’t produce a solid live-streaming using your iPhone (Meerkat and Periscope are just for OS right now.) You don’t want to do a broadcast that looks like an outtake of the Blair Witch Project.
How do you live-stream video that doesn’t look completely low rent?
Advances in mobile technology has allowed us the ability to live-stream HD video from a device that fits in the palm of your hand. The video basics still apply to live-streaming a planned broadcast, but be aware that these tips will work even if you are broadcasting on the fly. It will make for a better viewer experience (unless you really want people to feel sick watching your broadcast.) You want people to come back to you.
The tips for a good live-streaming broadcast:
– Plan out what you are going to say and practice it by doing a dry run before you turn the camera on.
– Ensure you have enough bandwidth to broadcast without hiccups.
– Use a tripod or a selfie stick to steady your iPhone.
– Use an external mic if possible to enable viewers to hear you more clearly.
– Make sure you are framing your shot where people can see you if you are talking or what you are shooting. Up nose shots or fingers in front of lens aren’t very nice unless you are into that sort of thing.
– Place yourself in decent light making sure you aren’t backlit or broadcasting in the dark.
Pete Cushmore, Mashable, really has perfected using live-streaming apps like Meerkat.
I’d remiss if I didn’t share with you that I appreciate the work for professional cameramen and photographers, so whenever possible I’d suggest hiring someone with skills such as perfecting lighting, audio, and setting up the shot if you want something more than a couple minutes long and want to save the broadcast for YouTube or Vimeo.
Now go out and broadcast with live-streaming app like Meerkat or Periscope. You have the tools and the tips.
Here’s my first attempt at Meerkat where my cat wasn’t the star of the live-stream.

How Not to Create Low Rent Meerkat Videos from Ann Marie van den Hurk on Vimeo.

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