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Raise your hand if you have an office home?
I know I am raising my hand. I am not alone. I am pretty sure if you are reading this, you have raised your hand, too.  In a 2013 survey, one in five Americans work from home. The number includes those who telecommute at least once a week. Think about it, that is a lot people not working in the traditional office. Technology has allowed for people to work where ever they can. The Office is changing. That is good for people and businesses.
There are some of us who are part of the three million professionals in the US who run our businesses out of our home office exclusively. There was a time, and recently too, where having the office for your business in your home had a stigma. It was thought of as you weren’t serious or professional. What you were doing was just a side gig and you went the office in a more formal structure to do your serious work. I’m sure you can insert some other stereotypes. The office had to be a store-front or in an office building. Thankfully, changing mindsets is allowing more business owners to be flexible in where they chose physically to run their business from. For some of us, we can even run our businesses out of our smart phones like I do when I’m on the go.
There are various reasons why we do it. Everyone’s reason for running their business out of their home is valid. I know I have my reasons why I run Mind The Gap Public Relations out of my home. And I make no apologies about it. I have one main reason. My home office is convenient for me. A lot of what I do doesn’t keep to ‘normal’ hours as in 9-5, so having access to my office 24/7 is helpful to me to serve clients. I work with clients on different time zones and schedules. Also, I like being able to be close to my family. I can still be working as well as be involved in what they are doing. There are ground rules set and everyone for the most part follows them. My son has grown up with me running my business out of my home. He knows no different.
Having the office at home has had benefits for clients. My overhead is lower then those renting office space, which I gladly pass that along to clients. It enables me to invest in other things like technology allowing me to do more for clients. It is a win-win situation for my family, clients, and me.
Why do you run your office out your home? And does it make your business better?
Yes, that photo shows half of my office. The nerve center outside of my brain is my desk or better yet my computers. My whiteboard is filled with work so my desk reflects that. It is going to be a mess for a while. And I’m OK with it. 

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