Fear of Missing Out
As social media has been woven into the fabric of our everyday life, many are battling what is being call Fear of Missing Out syndrome or FOMO. Never putting down your smart phone. Always checking Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram even when you are out with others in real life. Because you know what is happening on social media on a small screen often with people you really don’t know is far more interesting that what is happening in the moment right in front of you.
It turns out the Fear of Missing Out syndrome can be an addition. A study by University of Chicago found that many young people would choose social media over sex. It seems that the hardest desire to resist and the easiest to give in to is social media. Social media is an easy activity that offers immediate gratification. It fulfills a basic need to interact with other human beings. The need to say connected and the fear of missing out on something add up to a powerful incentive that keeps people on and returning to social media. Many people say that social media encourages narcissistic behavior and that people are now living their lives in status updates, 140-character tweets, and Instagram selfies.
In many ways we all suffer from Fear of Missing Out. We need to temper FOMO. Remember when and what you post. You aren’t going to post the crappy things in life all of the time. You are going post the good things or the exciting things like checking into Foursquare in airports to show you are traveling somewhere or posting photos of you working out on Instragram to let everyone know how committed you are to fitness.
Life is what you make of it. Just go out and live your life. And if you want to then share it on social media. But whatever you do, live in the moment and enjoy it.

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