Social Media Audit
Many small business owners often ask me if participating in social media is worth it. They tell me that they are spending a lot of time on social media yet not seeing any results. They are frustrated. Do you blame them? I always ask them what their purpose is for participating on social media. Many times they can’t share with me a solid reason as to why they are participating on social media. That’s where I suggest conducting a social media audit for their businesses.

Why Conduct a Social Media Audit?

The short answer is that if you are going to invest resources in social media or any communications channel you need to know if it is an effect tool in reaching your business goals. A social media audit helps you see the big and small pictures allowing you a full view of your current social media activities. And allows you to plan for the future.
Now the long answer is over the past few years there has been a push to use social media for business. Social media consultants were advising that you had to be on social media. Your business needs a presence on social media. Get on and start interacting with customers. It is all about relationships. Common sentiments said over and over by consultants. I think we’ve all heard those statements. Many businesses went ahead and dove into social media having a presence on every and all social media platforms. Businesses invested resources in social media. Often without much thought or planning. No fault of anyone. Well maybe some of the consultants advising them.
Fast forward a couple of years. Social media is maturing as a business communications channel. Businesses, rightly so, are starting to question the value of social media to their business. Organizations are asking what is the return of investment of social media for their businesses.
Organizations continue to invest resources in social media. Budgets are becoming larger. Some figures being shared that 46% of businesses are increasing their budgets for social media in 2014. That’s great news, but how to know your social media efforts are doing what you think they are doing.
That’s where conducting a social media audit is key. Mind The Gap Public Relations can help your business understand your social media needs by conducting a social media audit. Contact me now to learn more about conducting a social media audit for your business. Fill out the form below and let’s get started!
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As we say here at Mind The Gap Public Relations… Stay Calm and Let Us Handle That For You.

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