Judy Smith at Demand Success 2014
Professional development is so important. Regardless of how many years of experience, it is key to keep your skills sharp. I’ve been practicing public relations for over 15 years and I make a point to refresh my skills regularly. I’ve been given the opportunity to attend Vocus Demand Success 2014 Conference, which is their annual public relations/marketing conference, in June. I’m looking forward to connecting with other professionals and hearing some solid speakers share their knowledge. I’ll be attending as media/blogger so I can write about it here on Ann-Sense and my newspaper column.
One of my areas of interest and expertise is crisis communications and reputation management. That’s an area I’ve been involved in since I started in public relations. I’m very excited to hear Judy Smith, a crisis manager or “fixer” as she is called by many. For me, just to hear her speak is worth attending.
That said, they’ve got some pretty good keynote speakers in addition to Smith such as Randi Zuckerberg, Adrian Grenier, Avinash Kaushik, and Rick Rudman. I’m looking forward to hearing the other speakers who are my peers share their knowledge in an Ignite session.
It is worth checking this conference out. Hope you see you there.
Disclosure: I have received a complimentary ticket to attend the conference.  

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