Heartbleed BugWhat a week of confusion and concern about the Heart bleed Bug lurking on the Internet! While I’m very tech savvy, I’m confused about this bug and what networks were affected. I’m in the same boat as most everyone else. Media outlets are reporting that this could be the biggest security threat the Internet or more like our Internet safety has seen to date. And what is scary is this threat has been active for two years or so.
Change your passwords too quickly before the site has done their patches and it will be negated. Not change your passwords and well… who knows. Information from websites and platforms hasn’t been forthcoming making it frustrating.
That’s the thing about hacking and bugs, it is a bit of the Wild West out there. With the bad guys being more devious and the good guys trying to keep up with them then stopping them. Motivations for hacking could be just the thrill of know you can do it or for laughs. Or in this case a more sinister motivations to get access to valuable information.
It has been widely reported that Facebook, Tumblr, Google, and Yahoo have been affected by Heart Bleed. And that they have patched the flaw. The online tech publication, Mashable, has shared a good list of the most popular sites and if they have been hit by the bug. It is safe to say that you should be changing your passwords now.

So what can you do?

Security Features. Once you change your passwords, then enable all security features such as 2-Step verification for Facebook, Google, etc. Remember to change your passwords with every change of season and don’t have the same password for all of your accounts.
Detection Tools. There are some tools you can use to show that a website you are on may be affected by Heartbleed Bug. One tool is an Chrome App called, Chromebleed. I’ve tested it out and it seems to work.
Monitor News. While Mashable did share a good list, that list may expand so be paying attention the tech publications as well as mainstream media.
I’ve a feeling there will be more information presenting itself in regards to this massive security flaw. And many more websites will be coming forward. Be on alert.

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