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This is a late edition of Monday Ann-Sense. I’m a WiFi nomad these days. My Internet access has been spotty the past week. It has not been reliable being more out than working. I’ve found out recently how much I’ve become dependent on technology. I have been crippled by lack of Internet. My small business is dependent on fast and working Internet. While I rely heavily on my iPhone, there are a lot of things, which are easier to do on my laptop or desktop like website design or reviewing proofs.
So this past week, I have become a digital nomad wandering from place to place that has Internet to get work done. While it never bothered me before when a café doesn’t have WiFi, it now does. Especially when there is Internet and it is very slow. I know “first world problems,” but for someone like me whose business is dependent on quality reliable Internet it very difficult to conduct business.
There is a thin silver lining to this. And it is really thin for me. I’ve read about three books since I’ve been Internet-free. Nighttime has been more relaxing and I’m going to bed earlier getting more sleep. I guess that’s some good points.
So perhaps by tonight I’ll have Internet. But in the meantime, I’ve set-up my office at a small independent cafe called Milton & Miles. And I need to do a shoutout to them for being so great for letting me take over most of their bandwidth while sipping Chai Lattes and drinking Mexican Coca-Cola out of bottle.

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