Sinter KlausI’m doing some real Ann-Sense today… And I rarely rant about too many things in public and on this blog, but I’m compelled to do so today. I love holidays. I especially love the holidays, that come in the last quarter of the year. You know those holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In fact, I’m sitting here right now eating some of my son’s Halloween candy. Just don’t tell him, OK? Let it be our little secret.
I regress… Now where was I? Yes, I remember… I enjoy every holiday as a stand alone day. As it should be. Shouldn’t you be aloud to enjoy it? One would think, but no… marketers have stolen my Christmas spirit this year as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving. I cringed as I walked into big box retailers such as Walmart and Target in October and Christmas items were already set-up and on sale. It wasn’t even Halloween yet. Radio stations are already playing Christmas music and places are already decorated for the holidays. We haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving. Christmas creep is happening earlier and earlier.
And no, seeing Christmas items on sale in October and hearing Christmas music in early November does not get me in the holiday spirit. It annoys me. I’m already tired of Christmas. I want to be able to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving as great holidays as they are. I want to especially enjoy Thanksgiving. I like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning as we prepare food for the food-for-all and football after we’ve stuffed ourselves silly.
I don’t shop on “Black Friday.” I refuse to get sucked into that chaos. I have better things to do that rush to stores at 4am like sleep. Nor fight for parking at the shopping centers. In fact I tried not to set foot in a store during that weekend unless it is to buy milk. I like to spend my time doing non-consumer activities like walking in nature, raking leaves, puzzling, and playing games. I use that weekend for family together time.
So marketers and businesses, I know you want us to buy and buy a lot during this last quarter of the year, but in the process you have stolen the spirit of Christmas. And of Halloween. And of Thanksgiving. Let’s try to make holidays special again and celebrate their true meanings.
Am I the only person who feels this way? Share your thoughts.
SNL’s “Mr. Senior” gets what I’m saying… So HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!

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