Jacob WeiskopfThis is a very personal post. And one of the most difficult to write for me. A dear friend recently had to experience a parent’s worst nightmare: losing a child. Jacob was just 17. He was a wonderful kid: bright, funny, and caring. A good kid. He embraced life to the fullest. You just had to like him. He battled depression and the darkness of depression overcame him. He took his own life. He committed suicide.
Depression and suicide are a major health issues facing the United States. Suicide is on the rise. Currently it is the tenth most frequent cause of death. And for young people, it’s the third most frequent. Yes, you read that correctly THIRD cause of death for young people. Young, promising lives are being cut short by their own hands. Young people are especially vulnerable to depression and suicidal thoughts. More than 1 in 10 young people in the US have a depressive disorder. Depression can lead to distorted thought patterns and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Regardless of how much love and support the young person has around them. Depression is cruel and can rob someone of their life. The good news is there is help. There are treatments and support out there that can help young people deal with their depression.
I am still reeling from the news. My heart is broken as a parent and as her friend. In this situation, I felt helpless. And I’m not alone. A close knit group of us felt the pain and felt helplessness. We don’t like to feel helpless.
I am aliveThat’s where Team Jacob was born. We have formed Team Jacob to raise funds for IMAlive: an online crisis network. They operate a service called IMAlive. It’s the first online crisis chat center — a place where people in dire need can get instant help from trained volunteers. It’s not a cure-all; it’s first aid that can help someone get to more lasting assistance.
The IMAlive 24-7 Giving Challenge hopes to raise $50,000. WIth that small amount, the service will remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until August 2014. Donate to make sure these resources are available.
Every suicide prevented by an intervention is a gift to someone in crisis and everyone who cares for them. Make that gift now.
I am participating; because, I want to help keep young people like Jacob around as long as I possibly can. Your donation can help IMAlive reach that goal. Join us in suicide prevention.
Thank you.

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