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The Realtime Marketing Lab is not your typical social media conference. No talking heads with PowerPoints. No social media “super stars.” Not the same old same old stuff packaged the same old way. If you attend conferences, you know what I’m talking about.
Well, it really isn’t a conference at all. It is a lab. A place of hands-on learning and real interaction. Realtime Marketing Lab is for professionals who need to stay on top of marketing. Attending you will:
– Get hands-on experience with realtime marketing technologies.
– See 16 tools compete head-to-head on bottom-line business value.
– Test drive the latest marketing technologies for yourself.
– Consult with experts who use these platforms every day.
One of the unique opportunities of the Realtime Marketing Lab is that you will have an option to get real answers to your social media and digital marketing questions from real experts. They’ve put together The Help Desk of realtime marketing experts where you’ll be able to set one-on-one appointments to get your questions answered.
That’s where I come in! I’m your crisis communications and reputation management expert on The Help Desk. I’ll be joining some pretty wicked smart people: Danny Brown, Ric Dragon, Maddie Grant, Mark Lefton, Ted Rubin, and Amy Vernon. We’ll help solve your problems.
The Realtime Marketing Lab is organized by Tonia Ries and her team at The Realtime Report.  They were responsible for the highly regarded TWTRCON conferences. And this event is in partnership with Social Week NYC (Oct 13-19, 2013.)
So join me at the Realtime Marketing Lab on Monday, October 14 in New York City.
Come and learn. Walk away empowered about how your business can use social media marketing.  Register now.
UPDATED: Join me at RealTime Marketing Lab using my code, AV15. Looking forward to see you there. RealTimeMarketingLab

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