TravelAppsI’m a huge fan of mobile. On a daily basis I rely on my smart phone heavily. I use it to make calls. Send and receive text messages. Check and send emails. Create documents. Edit photos and videos. Find places to eat and make reservations. Post to social media accounts.
While traveling, I am completely dependent on my smart phone to do all of those things and more. Through apps and sms-text messages, my smart phones gets me where I need to be.
Since I’m traveling right now, my favorite app is Fly Delta. I love airline apps. Why do I have love airline apps? I can check in to flights via my smart phone. I don’t need find a desktop with a printer. And when at a conference who wants to use the business center computers at the hotel? I don’t. Plus having the scannable boarding pass saves me time at the airport. I travel with a backpack so when I arrive at the airport, I just walk straight to TSA lines.
SMS-text messaging, also, plays a huge role in my life. I appreciate my hair salon sends me texts to remind me of appointments giving me the option to confirm or cancel. While I’m traveling I really appreciate those flight update text messages letting me know if there has been a flight delay or gate change.
So why should you care about this as an organization? I am your customer. Mobile is where I am. And I’m not alone. People are dependent on their mobile devices to communicate and get information. Make it easy for them to get the information they need when they need.
Understand what channels your customers wish to receive information on. Invest in mobile channels either through SMS-text messaging, having your website be mobile optimized, and/or develop an app.
Be where your customers are. Be Mobile.

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