Orion Recovery Test #nasasocialAll I have to say about last week was WOW! What an exciting week it was!
I had the opportunity to observe a water recovery test for the NASA‘s Orion spacecraft. The Orion Program is part of the next step in space exploration. I joined about 30 other social media and space enthusiasts to participate in a #NASASocial event where we toured NASA Langley in Hampton, VA to learn the science behind the Orion spacecraft and then to Norfolk Naval Station to actually see the water recovery by the US Navy.
My mind was blown. It was an amazing experience. While I’ve always been a supporter of NASA, attending this really strengthened my commitment to the continuing funding of NASA. What NASA is doing today is going to benefit us all tomorrow.
I’ll be writing more about #NASASocial in future posts. I think NASA has one of the most effective and established social media programs right now. Organizations can learn from #NASASocial.
I couldn’t think of anything, which could top attending a #NASASocial, but I found out something that comes close. While putting together a news page for MTGPR, I came across a Wikipedia entry on “Seriously McDonalds.” My book on social media crisis communications was cited as a source. I’m pretty tickled.
Social entrepreneurship has been on my mind thanks to my friend, Elijah May. It is when a business created to address a social problem while at the same time being financially sustainable or even profitable. That’s where SocialGood.TV comes in. Their mission is to build a socially conscious ecosystem that aligns socially conscious consumers with socially conscious brands and causes that make sense. At the heart of it all is a desire to educate, motivate, and inspire people to make the world a better place.

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