Zero One, Bill Domonkos 2012

This past week was very busy. No complaints. I like busy. In fact that’s me working away above. OK not really. I finally got around to checking out what my Triberr Tribes were up to this past week. Folks were busy. Lots of good content.
Where to begin…
Can Social Media Be Addictive? – Research is pointing out that social media can be addictive and there is social media addition. And for kids it can be very addictive. That fear of being left out is so very strong. It has become woven into our everyday life. Can you give up social media?
What Social Media and 20 Year Olds Have in Common – I appreciate the tone of this post on social media. And gives some good advice.
Have Phones Killed the Conversation? – I found this post very interesting. I don’t know if smart phones have killed conversation. It may have changed it. Your thoughts?
And I’ll leave you with this… 15 Spooky Yet Beautifully Animated GIFs That Explore the Duality of Life.
Until next week…

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