Monday Morning Ann-Sense - Change of view help with working
I changed up my “office” view this week. I try to do that every so often. The change of view often helps to refocus me and jump start creativity. This week, I moved my office to my front porch since the weather is wonderful and my porch stays out of the direct sun until mid-afternoon. I’m lucky to be the kind of person who can work basically anywhere without much distraction.
I’m pretty fortunate to be connected to a group of wicked smart people on the reciprocal social sharing platform, Triberr.  Now I’ve spoken about Triberr before and I actually do read every post I share. It is just the right thing to do for my reputation as a trusted PR professional and shows respect to the author and members of my social community. A lot of really good content this week so I had trouble picking posts to share with you. And that’s a problem I’ll take any day!
Mind Your Grammar: Its or It’s – I have to confess, I always have to stop and think about before I write it. You, too? What makes you stop and think before you write?
Breaking Down the Latest (And Somewhat Confusing) Marketing Terms – There’s a lot of jargon in every profession. PR and marketing are no different. It seems new terms are created everyday and it is hard to keep up with them all. This post provides a quick cheat sheet.
The Five As of Social Media Measurement – An outstanding post around the often the least understood area in PR: measurement.
Delta Airline’s Disposable Customers – This post hits customer loyalty on the head. Why should customers be loyal to a brand which isn’t loyal to them back? As someone who took a break from travel after the birth of my son, I know how it feels to be a nobody in the eyes of loyalty programs.
Until next week… And think about this question: does a change of view help or hurt your productivity?

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