Digital Civility Book CoverUncivil behavior is commonplace in the digital age. You don’t have to look every far to see unsocial behavior. Our streams on social media platforms are filled with it. Especially around certain events such as elections. It can be unsettling and disheartening. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of us online have experienced some unbecoming behavior by others. It seems as though it is acceptable to attack and name call instead of agreeing to disagree in a civil manner.
How can we cope with this behavior? That’s where the book, Civility in the Digital Age, by Andrea Weckerle comes in handy. Weckerle is tackling a huge topic in her book. And a very difficult one at that.
The book covers a lot, but it needs to. This is a complex issue facing more and more people online. Weckerle outlines major points to be understood:
– defines the types of troublemakers.
– explains conflict styles.
– explores anger management.
– provides conflict resolution skills and coping strategies.
– highlights the legals aspects.
Weckerle uses lots of good case studies to highlight points.
I’d suggest this book to anyone involved win the digital space. Even the most Internet savvy person will get something out of this book. It will prove to become a go-to resource manual.

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