There has been a lot going on in my mind this week. Here are some articles which have stayed with me:
600 Journalist Killed in the Last Decade – I am a supporter of a responsible free press. Every public relations professional should be. As practitioners, we need to be committed to the free flow of information. It is a core principle, as stated in the PRSA Code of Ethics, to protect and advance the free flow of accurate and truthful information. It is essential to serving the public interest and contributing to informed decision making in a democratic society. Supporting a free press to me is part of it. On May 3, it is UNESCO‘s World Press Day. In 2013 alone, 26 journalist have been killed and 180 currently imprisoned.
While I’m not an infographic person, this one is speaks to me on the topic:

Brazilians Accuse FIFA of Stamping Out Local Culture – FIFA isn’t making any friends in Brazil currently. First they have banned local food vendors from selling their traditional foods at stadiums. All food will be handled through one food organization. Then they removed a famous Brazilian football player’s name from a National Stadium. Their rationale was that it would be inappropriate for Mane Garruncha’s name to be on such an international event as a World Cup. While the Word Cup is a global event, it is important include the host country’s culture. People are coming to the World Cup not only to see some great football, but experience the host country. FIFA may not be winning on the pitch of public relations. They are working with logic (and I’m sure they have valid reasons), which doesn’t fit well with emotion around a country’s food and sports heroes.
How You Get Hacked at Starbucks – Many of us spend a lot of time on the road… and frankly in coffeeshops. And I’m pretty sure we all use the free WiFi. Most of this is common sense; however, we all can use a refresher.
The Tsarnaey Family: A faded portrait of an immigrant’s American dream – We continue to grabble with the motives behind the Boston bombings. Many articles are being written. As an immigrant who is married to another immigrant, this article stood out to me. America is what you chose to make of it. And while America is welcoming to all, America may not be a fit for everyone.
Until next week…

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