Social Media Crisis CommunicationsSocial Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #Fail is now available! I’m filled with so many emotions right now. I’m both excited and scared while being relieved that it is done.

The Book

The title pretty much says it all. This book with help you prepare for and then manage social media crisis while understanding how social media fits into crisis communications. The book covers:
• Understand the radically new dynamics of today’s crises
• Anticipate what might happen, so you can get ahead of any crisis
• Establish crisis response roles, teams, and notification/activation processes
• Use free and low-cost services to monitor online chatter for signs of trouble
• Respond in real time, before your crisis escalates
• Calibrate your response to the realities of what’s happening
• Effectively integrate social media best practices throughout your response
• Avoid the disastrous mistakes panicked organizations often make
• Regain control of your organization’s identity across the web

Thank you!

I’m so lucky to be surrounded with wonderful supportive people. First, I want to thank my husband and son because without their support this book would not have been possible. Special thanks to Dick and Sandy Bennett, Gabrielle Laine-Peters, Christopher Barger and Mark Story.
I had wonderful opportunities to interview great professionals while writing this book. I’d like to thank Danny Brown, Chris Hamilton, Scott Hendrickson, Matt Hixson, Shea Leordeanu, Larry Levy, Victorio Milian, Alex Pearmain, Rick Rice, Tonia RiesRichard Sambrook, Peter Sandman, Rick Wion, and Mark Zohar for being so generous with their time and knowledge.

Buying the Book

The book is available in all eBook formats now. With a couple of clicks, you can start reading the book. Do you know that you can have your eBook autographed by me? Pretty cool, huh?
Don’t worry, there is a print option. You’ll just have to wait until September 2013 for the print on demand option. If you want a print copy, go ahead and pre-order it now. As soon as it is available then it will be sent directly to you in the mail.
So go now get your copy!!!! Buy it now! (If you like the book, please  leave a review; it is greatly appreciated)

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