View from Lincoln MemorialLast night my hosting provider has some service disruptions so I couldn’t write this Monday Morning Ann-Sense nor update my website last night. No worries. I was suppose to me still on holiday. And it kept me on holiday until this morning.
It has been an amazing year so far as well as a very busy one. It was time to take a little break and I did so last week. I actually took four days off from working. An amazing feat for me being a work fiend. We left Tarboro for an adventure in Washington, DC. It did the mind, soul, and body good for all of us. I often forget how important it is to recharge. So if you haven’t scheduled any downtime for yourself, I suggest you do that. Now.
Obituary: Margaret Thatcher –  I awoke to the news on Twitter from BBC News account that former British Prime Minster, Margaret Thatcher (known as the “Iron Lady”) had passed from a stroke. Baroness Thatcher was a polarizing figure in Britain in the 1980s. You either loved or hated her. Her influence will be felt for generations to come. Along with Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, she defined the 1980s political.
Death of the Social Media Strategist: Overselling & Underperforming from the Start – I read this article with great interest. My lens is not of marketing and sales when it comes to social media, but a public relations one. In my public relations practice, I use social media as another communications channel. I’ve been an integrated hybrid practitioner since 2008 and have been working within digital much longer than that. John McElhenney makes a lot of sense. And it is a lot of what true practitioners have been saying for years now. You can’t just have one tool in your tool box. In order to be an effective professional, you need many skills. And speaking of social media titles, I have had my rants on that.
Crabs, supersized by carbon pollution, may upset Chespeake’s balance – Well,  I went to the Washington Post to find cherry blossom photos and found this instead. Not the something I was looking for I know, but this is a concern and serious. I think I may have a solution… be it not very serious one… is to eat more crabs… pass the mallet and Old Bay.
Until next week… I’ll leave you with a song that has been playing through my mind all morning… Hotel California…
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