I’ve been involved in a few conversations recently about crisis communications. Most organizations, studies have shown, are aware of the situation which causes the crisis. Many crisis are preventable, but organizations chose not dealt with the situation until it becomes an issue for them.  Organizations have their reasons for handling a situation a certain way be it right or wrong.
You can have the best PR team and the best crisis communications plan, but it is all meaningless if no one is listening to the PR team, deploying the crisis communications team with strong leadership quickly when a crisis happens, and most importantly resolving whatever deep organizationally issues exist.
Good public relations can help an organization manage a situation for short time… But even the best PR team can’t keep it up. If it is only skin deep, the facade will eventually crack showing the true face of the organization. Organizations will ultimately have to deal with their organizationally issues.
PR can only carry an organization so far. PR professionals are problem resolvers and can help guide the organization through a crisis and the aftermath. PR professionals aren’t miracle workers.
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