Have to admit this was another busy week at Mind The Gap Public Relations (no complaints!).  And pair it with the fact my eyes have succumbed to too many years looking at device screens causing  my  autofocus to get a bit slow, I just got my first pair of glasses and am trying to adjust to them. So basically  I didn’t get a lot of reading done. That said I did come across some things I thought interesting and you might too:
Infographic: Mind-boggling facts about one day on the Internet – Regan’s brought this inforgraphic to my attention from InternetServiceProviders.org on some amazing facts about the Internet. The Internet really is woven into the fabric of our daily lives. These facts are truly mind-blogging. And folks are saying email is dead. And blogs are dead. And websites are dead. They are alive and well according this information. (But that’s my assertion all along.) On my book, Social Media Crisis Communication: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #FAIL, I talk about this very topic. (Feel free to head over to Social Media Crisis Communication site and preorder the book.)

Letting Down Our Guard with Web Privacy
  – From the previous item, we spent a lot of time on the Internet and web privacy is becoming more of an issue for users, but do they truly understand what privacy means on the Internet? This article from the New York Times illustrates the imperfection of human reasoning. Superb read. And then think about your online behavior after you finish reading it. He’s right, isn’t he?
Battle to keep the remainder of the Berlin Wall – For me this is an important article from The Washington Post. My major in university was International Relations. I remember the Cold War as a part of my life. The threat of nuclear holocaust. The rhetoric of both sides.  I studied the Cold War and in November 1989 all of the text books became irrelevant. The Berlin Wall fell that month and changing the aftermath of WWII in Europe. I was a freshman in college and I remember being glued to the CNN watching people taking control of the Wall. It needs to be saved from development. We can’t forget history and push it aside. It is an important to always remember. And physical places help us do that.
And end, let me share with you this is a video from Germay, which will make you smile and scratch your head at the same time. Enjoy!
Optical Illusion Dance ‘Strumpfhosentanz’

See you same day, same time next week!
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