Last week was a pretty heavy week on the Internet. And in many ways made me doubt the human race.
Sexism in tech is like an onion — it has many layers and makes people cry – The dark side of human nature overtook the Internet this pass week. I won’t dwell on the specific situation, which unfolded  during a software developers conference between a female and two male attendees, since the article gives a good overview and brings up level-headed points about sexism, double-standards, how not to react to a situation and online civility.
Speaking of online civility, there’s a new book,, by Andrea Weckerle. It is on my nightstand to start reading this week. It is very timely. Along the same the lines, my friend, Micky Gomez, writes a powerful post called the Freedom of Silence; a must read.
I was disheartened and frankly disgusted by venom spewed recently online. It seems as though the trolls have won the Internet silencing people. I’m disgusted by the blatant sexism within the digital world. And the lack of a civil discussion on the topic of “isms” in social media and online. This topic is worthy of more than the couple paragraphs I’ve given it.
We need to do better. We can do better.
Let’s end on a happy note or notes… How can we go wrong with doggies! And funny section of our canine companions from BluzzFeed… 33 Dog that cannot even handle it right now.
And I still appreciate a good Gangnam style video… this one is from the European children’s cartoon, Pocoyo…
Until next Monday… let’s be respectful to one another. OK?
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