Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #Fail,Yes, that is a photo of the final PDF edit of my book, Social Media Crisis Communications, Preparing for Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #Fail. I completed the final edits of the book last week. That means the book will be released soon.
If you had said a year ago that I would have written a book, I really would have thought you crazy, but this book had to happen. Organizations aren’t prepared to manage a crisis. Let alone a social media crisis. Organizations and professionals are looking for solid resources. And there weren’t any available. Until now. This book does that by providing the components of a crisis plan, the new dynamics of crisis communications and cases studies.
It has been a wonderful learning experience and humbling, too. I’ve been able to interact with some really smart professionals in writing the book. I know I’m smarter for it and I hope to share the knowledge gained with you.
The book is scheduled to be released on April 16, 2013. And visit the book site to learn more about the book.

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