What a title… United, goats, and sexism. Those are the topics which caught my gray cells this past week.
United Airlines delays flight for man to see dying motherCNN – This story stuck a nerve for me as someone whose parents aren’t local and will have to travel to get to them in an emergency. This is not only a feel good story, but an example to businesses when employees are allowed make decisions.  Employees can make the right decisions when it counts. They treated this man like how they would have liked to be treated in this sad situation. It is important that employees are allowed to care and be human in all situations. It benefits the organization. United could use some positive PR after this past summer of losing a minor in transient and deaths of family pets.
Is online misogyny more prevalent now or just more evident?Jim Dougherty – This is a very serious topic. I’ll be honest not a lot of people are really willing to talk about it and then actually act. It happens to everyone and everywhere. Last year, myself and a couple other women wanted to present at a well-known conference on the sexism (and the isms in general) on social media. We were shutdown. Yes. Shutdown. Don’t worry, we haven’t given up on bring this topic to the forefront for smart, frank discussions. If you know of a venue where we can present this discussion, please let me know.
Are you on Tumblr? Check this out and follow, Gotstared.at. The Tumblr Storyboard does a great job for telling this Tumblr blogs story. And even if you aren’t on Tumblr still check it out. It will anger you. And hopefully cause action.
Living on a prayer (goat addition)Social Times – You can’t go wrong with a mashup of yelling goats and Bon Jovi. It blends so well…
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