As you can imagine, I do a lot of reading and viewing as a PR pro. In fact I’m RSS reader is filled to the gills currently… that’s could be another blog on to itself. And I haven’t even hit the papers yet.
I love to share what I’m reading and that’s why I’ve started Monday Morning Ann-Sense to share items I’ve come across some items which have stayed in my brain. Here they are:
4 Laws Every PR Professional Should Know for a Crisis from Ragan’s PR Daily – As a PR pro, this is important stuff to know. And this is a nice summary of laws everyone practicing should know about it. I’ve got a whole section in my upcoming book, Social Media Crisis Communications: Preparing for, Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #FAIL.
Homeless Tent City Meets Suburbia in Orthodox Town from The Jewish Daily Forward – Thanks to my friend, Steve Lubetkin, for sharing this article with me.  This is an example of great journalism to me. Why? It has been rattling around my brain since I read it as well as viewed the video (which can watch below.) The topic was compelling touching upon deep social issues we have globally on homelessness on it’s own, but the video made the story gave a face and dignity to those homelessness.
This artificial intelligence experiment acts as aTwitter ghost, continuing your online legacy from pfsk – Yes, you read that correctly, Twitter Ghost. Honestly, I find this all a bit creepy. As someone who lost very active digital friends and still see them pop up on lists and such, it would disconcerting seeing the dead tweeting from the grave so to speak. As a friend, Benson Hendrix, said on Google+ when I shared this, “Talk about getting the last word in.” Isn’t that the truth.
WWII Veteran Wins Battle Against Lifelong Foe from CBS News – This is just a plain old fashioned feel good story. Enjoy it and smile. It proves that you should never give up AND that you continue to learn regardless of your age. So go tackle your foe this Monday morning.
So see you next week for more Monday Morning Ann-Sense!
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