I’m really lucky to have some really smart friends who always get me thinking. So thanks to Gini Dietrich and Jon Aston for getting the little gray cells moving about during the last week of 2013!
I was reviewing my analytics (tipping hat to Gini) and I thought I’d share with you what the five most read posts of 2012 (nod to Jon):
1. Cause-related marketing. Which campaign worked better for the brand: Coke’s Arctic Home or Pepsi?
2. Pin it. Repin it. Can Businesses Use Pinterest? Why yes a business can and when this column was published Pinterest was just being discovered.
3. You’ve Been Hacked. Something none of us wish to have happen; however, we need to be prepared for when it does happen.
4. Websites are dead! Business Blogging is dead! But is it really? There is an ebb and flow to life and business.
5. Is “Super Hero” the new “Rock Star” in social media circles? One of my favorite posts of the year when I rant about titles.
It has been a great year for Ann-Sense and more good things happening in 2013. What was your favorite Ann-Sense post in 2012?
Stay-tuned for the 2013 Trend column on the last day of the year, January 31.
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