Men are coming with guns. Houses are being burned. Your neighbors are being targeted. Livestock are being killed. You are afraid. You flee with only what you can carry. You walk many miles without food and water. You are filled of fear of being attacked. You seek somewhere to feel safe where basic needs can be met and that is a United Nations Refugee-sponsored camp. You have committed no crime other than being from the “wrong” ethic group, religion, or political party.
The above could describe many of the conflicts in the world today. There are 43 million people living in displacement. Of that nearly 20 million are children and many of whom have only known a refugee camp as their “home.” The average length of displacement in a refugee camp is now 17 years. The conflicts are often complicated and protracted.
Displaced persons need food, clean drinking water, shelter, healthcare, and schools. Families need to feel safe. Children need some threads of normalcy. UNHCR has been providing that for 60 years.
The refugee crisis continues to grow. Your help is needed. Now.
Join me in support of the Blue Key Campaign. A five dollar donation can do so much. It is one visit to Starbucks or lunch at a fast food restaurant for the average American.


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