I’m honored to speak that the Social Media Plus Conference in Philadelphia on November 16, 2011. Social Media Plus is a world-class conference bringing experts together from the communities of technology, marketing, sales and social media to share in 25 sessions and panels.
If you regularly read this blog then you know I write a lot on crisis communications and it is a topic I’m passionate about. I’ll be speaking on crisis communications. Below is the abstract of my talk:
Crisis communications in the real-time world.
Bad things happen to people and organizations, but how you respond during a crisis can enhance your reputation and often save your organization. You’ll find that the response often has more impact on your reputation than the event the precipitated the crisis.
So is your business prepared to communicate effectively during a crisis? It needs to be. With today’s 24/7 media cycles and social media, you need a crisis plan. Preparation is key to ensuring that the way you react to and handle a crisis leads to a positive outcome. Having a crisis communications plan serves as an adjustable blueprint. Are you ready as leader to take the helm of the ship and guide it through the storm? We will discuss case studies and proven strategies for effective communications.
While webinars and teleconferences are great, nothing beats the interaction you get by actually being in a session with others. Philadelphia is easily accessible via planes, trains, cars, and buses so think about attending. If you decide to go to Social Media Plus to register, then I’ve got a discount code for you to use: AMH15.
I hope to see you there!

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