Trains, planes, and automobiles are in my future. For the most part I enjoy travel. And I am always wondering where I would like to go in the world. My list is long; because, I enjoy going anywhere and everywhere. I could be a nomad.
Last year, I wrote a post about fantasy Foursquare check-ins last summer and got a lot interesting responses (too bad those comments are in no man’s cyber-land.)
I think it is always very interesting to see where folks would like to check-in they had an unlimited data plan or free Wifi.
My list from 2010 was:
– Empire State Building (at the top at night with clouds floating by under me.)
– Angkor Wat
– Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
– Taj Mal
– White House
– United Nations (Delegates Dining Room)
– Top Gear Studios (a BBC auto program)
– Numberg Ring (in an Audi r8)
– Hot air ballon (in the Southwest of the US)
– Swiss Glacier Express
– Lego Factory
– TEDWomen
And I can’t think of any new ones currently.
So where is your fantasy check-in? And why?

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