This week has been interesting for me tech-wise. OK, not interesting, just frustrating. I moved this blog, Ann-Sense, under Mind The Gap Public Relations in April. I thought I had taken care of everything. Well, I hadn’t. I didn’t realize this until I launched a food blog, The Well-Worn Apron, and was going through the motions of getting a feed URL and claiming my blog on Technorati. So I’ve fixed my feed URL and needed to reclaim for Technorati. That site asks you include a token, site specific, PEX3Y49TJ8ZQ into new blog post so they can verify which I’ve just done.
Moral of this post? Make a list and ask questions of folks who do this sort of thing regularly as to what needs to happen. Both things I didn’t do going against how I usually handle things. So after use of much colorful language and many cans of Coca-Cola… I think I’m back on track. Hopefully.

breach crisis communications

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