It is January 19, 2010. And I realized this morning that I’ve not posted on this blog since the end of the December. It isn’t because I’ve nothing to say. It is the opposite. I have too much to say and not enough time to write about it.
On my iPad, I use an app called, Index Card, to keep track of my ideas. On these virtual index cards, I have eight topics and many more swirling in my head yet to be written down in a well-worn notebook. Some of the topics you will see in the future are about trust in social media, building loyalty, customer service, and privacy. Topics that take research and gathering of knowledge.
If I’m going to share my thoughts with you, I want them to be informed and helpful. The digital age, with all its good, has also caused much clutter and noise and I certainly don’t want to contribute to it.
But in the meantime, what topics do value?

breach crisis communications

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