There is something about snow I find really enchanting. It makes the world seem to stand still. Snow blankets the ground creating a wonderful quietness for man allowing for us to hear nature. No cars or people are out. As I sit drinking tea, I can hear the wind chime and birds clearly. A welcome soundtrack to my morning. Snow relaxes me and allows for a reflection.
Many are grumbling this morning for it is the day after Christmas and they’ve got things to do like fighting crowds at malls to return gifts or hunting down sales. I try to keep things simple around the holidays and for the most part I’m able to do that. I don’t buy into frenzy or hype of the Christmas holidays. For me, it isn’t about spending money, but spending time with people important to me. That’s the best gift I think you can give to someone is your time.
I have no plans this Sunday except for feeding the birds, taking a walk in the snow, making comfort food including hot chocolate, and watching football so snow is no bother to me. I plan on enjoying the moment…
I hope you think about doing the same.

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