That age-old adage comes to mind in regards to the very recent failures of Tumblr, which recently went down for over two days and Facebook today (12/16) for an hour or so. The “fail-whale” pops up regularly on Twitter. All this caused a panic with many people. Many have come to rely heavily on these free platforms to communicate. Businesses and nonprofits included. We shouldn’t become dependent on one channel to communicate and connect with customers. There needs to be multiple ways for you to reach customers: website, email, blog, SMS text messaging or * gasp * old fashioned mail and phone.
Customers should always have a digital home to come to for your business and that should be your website. Typically today, websites have become stable and rarely is there interruption of service. From there various paths such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr can lead to and from your website.
You owe it to your customers and your business not to put all your eggs in one digital basket.

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