Is there a campaign against the holiday of Thanksgiving? Certainly feels like it. I noticed a trend. I was disturbed during the week after Halloween to find most big box retailers had Christmas items up already. Some towns have already had their Christmas Parades. What’s wrong with Thanksgiving?
I like Thanksgiving. It is a great holiday. I have fond memories of large family gatherings. Sipping tea while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Playing and watching football. Enough food on the table to last a week. Fireplaces roaring through the night along with a poker game (winner of the pot would buy everyone breakfast the next day).
So why are we rushing to Christmas? Holidays shouldn’t all be about consumerism and that’s what it seems to be. Or is it that we don’t live in the present anymore. Thanksgiving is perfectly good holiday. Great care is put into every aspect of the day. Traditions run deep within families. The spirit of sharing food crosses regardless race, religion, or national origin. Being thankful for abundance.
So why don’t we live in the present and enjoy Thanksgiving… There’s always the day after called Black Friday.
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