I recently tumbled into Tumblr. I’ve known about Tumblr for awhile and have friends who are avid fans of the platform. I have hesitated to get involved in another social media channel since I’m a keen user of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and have this blog. I didn’t know if I wanted to get involved in another platform to post to or monitor. That said I recently found myself wanting a between platform…. Twitter’s  140-characters were limiting especially when I was posting photos and wanted to have an expanded narrative, but yet didn’t want to post such short items to this blog. Tumblr seemed to fit. I’m finding it easy to use and it has an app for the iPhone so I can post on the fly. In fact I’m going skip using Twitpic or Twitvid and go directly to Tumblr. It posts to Twitter if you chose that option.
Take away for me is that we need to be open to allowing our minds to be changed. And acknowledge that our needs change.
So do you use Tumblr and what for? And if you aren’t a user than why not?
Feel free to visit me on Tumblr.

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