Looking at this picture I see a kitchen in a farmhouse. Table is neatly set for a meal. Perhaps breakfast is cooking out of sight. Bacon and eggs are sizzling in a cast-iron skillet almost ready to be placed on a fresh homemade biscuit. A load of laundry is running in the background. The radio is tuned to an AM station playing “Crying” by Patsy Cline which you can barely hear through the crackle of the signal.
None of that is happening. This house is abandoned. And has been for over a decade. The photo was taken recently. This is how the house was found. A room frozen in time.
There has to be a story here… Where are the owners? It looks like they just got up and left in the middle of doing something. But why did they leave? And how has this house remained like this for ten years?
So when you look at this picture, what do you see? What story would you write?

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