My ears are still ringing and my spirits still high from participating in my very first drum circle. Pleased that we chose to go as a family to the 10/10/10 Global Work Party at Saint Anne’s Chapel in Tarboro, North Carolina. It was a day to celebrate climate solutions.
My husband and I do what we can to support Mother Earth by recycling, buying local as much as possible, and taking energy saving measures, but what we try to do most of all is to teach by example to our three-year-old son. He knows how to turn lights off, put items in recycling, and that littering isn’t good for the Earth. We take him out in nature and share with him the wonders of his environment. His favorite game on my iPad is the Lorax Game where he can care for the trees by regrowing the forrest. Our son was very excited to attend the event so he could plant trees and use the drums.
We got there too late for the tree planting, but the drum circles were on-going. Gregory Whitt led old and young in drumming. Most of us had never held a drum let alone use one. The rhythms were a mixture of African and Native American. All very focused on connecting with the rhythm, fellow drummers, and the Earth.
We were all strangers, but through coming together in the drum circle, we joined with each other and our environment.

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