I’m not a ranter, but headlines like this just grate my nerves:
Glamorous Entrepreneur Takes On Disasters
It was the teaser headline from a New York Times Facebook Recommend post. Well, it got my attention.
Catherine Hooper founded a company, Black Umbrella, which sells plans to help with unexpected events. The purpose is the help people and companies plan for disasters. This is a solid business idea based on need. It is a niche market. Hooper is a smart entrepreneur with business experience who happens to be a woman.
Why do they use the word “glamorous” in referring to her? Can’t they think of another adjective like “smart” or “trendspotting?” Would they ever say a “handsome” entrepreneur when referring to a man?
In order for women to be equal in business then we need to stop using physical descriptions as our first adjective when talking about women.

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