Have we lost touch with language? That crossed my mind recently as I drove the country roads of North Carolina coming upon old signage. I came across a historial marker for a general killed at Gettysburg. Instead of saying he was killed, it used mortally wounded. It brings such dramatic images to mind.
Do we use such language anymore in daily conversation and writing? I think not and it makes me sad for the loss of verbal and written expression. The English language can be so very colorful. Words can paint a vivid picture allowing the mind to open up to creativity. I rarely watch movies based on books especially one’s I’ve read. They destroy the mental pictures I’ve created in my mind based on the words.
But why have we lost touch with words? I could make a list of potential factors: educational system not focusing on vocabulary/creative writing, we’re too busy taking shortcuts in everything we do, shorter attention span, advent of texting, and usage of social media. Perhaps it is all of them rolled into one creating a knot choking language out of us. Maybe it is time to loosen the knot and allow words to flow. We are losing our oral history and ability to storytell. Bedtime stories and campfire tales can’t be told in 140 characters or using texting shorthand.
Embrace language.
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